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Frequently Asked Questions

What can and can’t you take?


We can take

Furniture including sofas, beds, tables & chairs etc

Electrical items such as fridge-freezers, washing machines, TVs and cookers

Curtains and Carpets if required

Clothing & Bedding

Cars, Motorbikes & lawn mowers


We cannot take

Rubble & Aggregate



Stand alone garden waste (although this can be done as part of a larger property clearance)


Do I have to be present?

You are welcome to oversee us while we clear your property, but if you are unable or prefer not to be there, we can collect keys from a designated agent such as a neighbour or solicitor and return them on completion.


What do you do with the items?

We are an environmentally aware company therefore we recycle where possible.  Many items are given a second use as we feel that the original owners would prefer a new home to a landfill site.


How much will it cost?

It is very difficult to quote without knowing what we will be dealing with because every clearance is different. The average home can be cleared within 1-2 days, although if the house is very large and/or very full, then it will take longer and cost more. We will ask to visit the property so that we can give you a fixed written quote which will be emailed to you within one working day of us having visited the property.


Who will be in my home?

Our trustworthy team led by owners, Simon Smith and Lindsay Foreman, have been working together for several years. Simon and Lindsay personally arrange every clearance and are present at most of the jobs we undertake. We never employ sub-contractors for clearances so you can be sure that experienced Nice & Quick staff will be the only people in your property.


What do you need to know beforehand?

To provide a quote we need to know the address, contact details, a rough idea of what needs clearing and whether there are any large or unusual items (such as cars and pianos) and what your deadline is. Give us a quick call or email to arrange a no-obligation quote.


When can you start?

As soon as possible. It does depend on what work we have already booked in but we can normally arrange a clearance date  within two weeks of speaking to you and having the quote accepted and deadline agreed. Once we've started a clearance, we'll  keep working until the job is done. 

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Contact us Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5pm to arrange a free visit & quote on 07833 110065 or send an email detailing your requirements to




We cover all of East Anglia:

Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire & beyond



No property too large or too small



Commercial & Residential premises


We appreciate you considering us, but please be aware that we do not offer a removal or ‘man with a van’ service


Nice & Quick Property Clearance, Unit 16, Hillside Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 7EA

07833 110 065

house clearance.jpg

No property is too big or too small

kitchen clear.JPG

We can remove white goods as part of the clearance


Rubbish is not a problem!


We even remove carpets if required







house clearance.jpg

We're not afraid of a bit of grime!

property clearance.jpeg

We will leave rooms empty and ready to be filled again!

house clearance.jpg

Full clearance service - there's no such thing as TOO cluttered

house clearance.jpg

It doesn't matter how dirty - we can deal with it

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